Photo of Mhairi Cameron

Mhairi Cameron, MA, MSc

Mhairi Cameron is an organisation and management development consultant specialising in leadership, team development, strategy development and change management. She has designed, facilitated and led senior leadership and middle management development programmes largely in the public sector, including local government, education, health, housing associations, social services, revenue and customs, MoD and the Treasury. She is also an executive coach to senior managers.

Mhairi is qualified in the use of MBTI, an accredited associate of Insights Learning and Development Ltd and an accredited practitioner of Cognitive Edge, an international network which focuses on the use of narrative and complexity theory in strategy and policy making.

Photo of Diane Clutterbuck

Diane Clutterbuck BA, MA, PCC

Diane Clutterbuck is an Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor who works with her clients through simple yet powerful conversations which leads them into deep insights and transformative solutions to key issues in their work and organisations. Diane coaches individuals from a range of professions; her clients include leaders in Multinational Corporations, Senior Managers in the Public Sector, Senior Civil Servants, the staff of leading Universities, CEO’s in National Charities and Clergy at all levels of the church. In addition to coaching and supervision her company also offers training in Coaching and Supervision Skills for Managers who are committed to developing a coaching culture in their companies and organisations.

Photo of Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

David Snowden is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge. His work is in the area of naturalising sense-making, seeking to base social science research and practice in the natural science. He is generally considered to be a pioneer in the application of complex adaptive systems theory to a range of social issues, and in the development of narrative as a research method. Cognitive Edge ( is an independent organisation that manages an open source approach to consultancy method as well as software development and research. His work extends across government and industry in a variety of fields including knowledge management, strategic planning, conflict resolution, weak signal detection, decision support and organisational development. Dave has visited N Ireland frequently providing guidance and support to the current pioneering Sensemaker projects.

Photo of Tony Quinlan

Tony Quinlan, Founder, Narrate

Tony Quinlan is founder and Chief Storyteller of Narrate, an organisation specialising in working with organisations to address intractable and "soft issue" problems using a combination of complexity and narrative techniques. With experience in communications for a variety of organisations, he has become one of the leading implementers of narrative techniques for research and cultural understanding - whether international culture or internal organisational culture. In recent years, he has led projects in Pakistan, UK, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Egypt, working to understand the beliefs and mindsets of young people. He is a leading member of the Cognitive Edge network, and has implemented a number of large-scale projects using Cognitive Edge's specialist software, SenseMaker™.

Photo of Martin Magennis

Martin Magennis

Martin Magennis is an organisational development consultant specialising in leadership, management and team development. As the co-founder of TIME Associates in August 1998, Martin is experienced in areas such as change implementation, strategy formulation and organisational development and in managing projects. Martin draws on his previous career experience which has included working with graduate management trainees and in company trainee management training schemes. Martin is an approved Investor in People Specialist adviser, a member of the Institute of Business Consulting as well as being a licensed practitioner with Insights Discovery.

Photo of Steven Lindsay

Steven Lindsay, Partner, Moore Stephens

Steven joined Moore Stephens as a partner in January 2006 and leads our Northern Ireland consulting division, providing consulting and internal audit services to a range of clients in the private, public and not for profit sectors. Prior to joining Moore Stephens Steven, spent 12 years working at a senior level in the Northern Ireland HPSS as a Director and Chief Executive with the Western Health and Social Services Board. Steven is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors and holds a BSSc in Accounting and Economics. He is also Treasurer of Age NI, a Council Member of Londonderry Chamber of Commerce and Vice Chairman for Finance and Marketing of City of Derry RFC.

Patsy Beattie-Huggan

Patsy Beattie-Huggan is the founder and President of The Quaich Inc., based in Canada which specialises in consulting, facilitation, evaluation and planning services for the public health industry. Patsy uses her wealth of sector knowledge and career experience in nursing education and health system redesign to help clients develop holistic, comprehensive and effective strategies to address important public health issues.

Patsy co-developed a public health methodology called The Circle of Health© which has been adopted by many of her clients, public health organisations and educational institutions in Canada, South America and Eastern Europe for addressing the social determinants of health.  The Circle of Health© is integral to the Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities, in which Patsy has been instrumental since its inception and continues to coordinate its delivery.

John Donaghy

John’s career has included Health and Personal Social Services in N Ireland; the Consorcio SurAndino in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru on small business development, education, health and women’s issues; as a consultant for NICARE in Argentina working with Ministers and Senior Officials and as Special Adviser to the Minister for Employment and Learning, Mrs Carmel Hanna MLA in the Northern Ireland Assembly during 2001. He continued in that position until the Assembly was suspended and established his consultancy and coaching practice in the winter of 2002. In December 2010 John made coaching his major focus. He completed the Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching, is certified by the Further Education Training and Awards Council and is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Danielle Brooks

With corporate experience in UK commercial broadcasting, Danielle has developed an understanding of large complex projects, organisations, group dynamics and individuals. Her corporate experience includes  years working in Commercial Media and Broadcasting in the UK, with senior management interaction and engagement as well as on large-scale projects such as successful delivery of merger integration plans, strategy and operational reviews, culture change and major refurbishment projects.  Danielle is an independent and associate executive coach and coach trainer developing personalities, teams and organisations who have a desire for more, better and different.  Danielle is also a certified Coaching Supervisor - passionately believing in promoting competence, awareness, ethics and brilliance in professional practice. Currently working across the UK and Ireland, she holds the Associate Certified Coach credential of the International Coach Federation and a Diploma in Coaching.

Ailbhe Harrington

Ailbhe is an independent coach, trainer and facilitator and has achieved the Professional Certified Coach credential of the International Coach Federation. She specialises in designing and facilitating leadership and team development programmes, stress management, personal effectiveness, leader as coach training and 1:1 coaching. Her twenty years experience spans organisational development, transformational coaching, third level lecturing, counselling, coaching and enterprise development within the private, public and voluntary sectors within Ireland, Europe and the UK. She worked with the Institute of Public Administration for 9 years and 5 years with the Centre for Education and Developing Human Potential at Tipperary Institute. Ailbhe is an associate trainer with Coaching Development delivering a HETAC Level 7 and ICF accredited Coaching Skills Certificate programme at Tipperary Institute.

Kate Thompson

Kate is an independent coach and experienced mentor who has worked for over 10 years at Executive Director level in health and social care delivery in N Ireland. She was appointed as Director of Primary Care in 2000. This included work with service users to develop new models of care for people with dementia, and with general practitioners with innovative pilot projects. She realised the potential impact of work in continuous improvement, and qualified as an in assessor in ‘Investors in People’ and ISO9000.

Kate has worked with development projects for leadership in health and social care in Poland, Ukraine, and U.K. and has a particular interest in service improvement and the power of transformational leadership. She has completed leadership programmes at the King’s Fund in London, and the Federal Executive Institute in Virginia, U.S.A. She has a strong commitment and interest in ‘The Coaching Approach’ to develop talent and capacity in both the business and community sectors.