Coaching, Career Planning and Personal Development

We provide coaching to help individuals understand and appreciate themselves more fully, determine their goals and develop the strategies and skills to achieve these.

Anne is a Professional Certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation. She has completed over 135 hours of coach specific training, undergone assessment and examination, and provided over 1000 hours of coaching. This is a quality mark of her level of coaching experience and professional capability.

Anne uses coaching for a variety of purposes with her clients:

  • Short term, focussed support relating to a specific leadership challenge;
  • Ongoing strategic leadership support and development;
  • Career and life transition planning

The focus and pace of the coaching is determined by the client. Each arrangement is as individual as the leader for whom it is put in place.

The core principles are creating safety and trust; increasing self awareness and confidence; providing challenge and alternative perspectives; drawing out ideas and finding practical ways forward.

Anne’s client base includes chief executives, directors and team leaders in the private, public and NGO sector, throughout Ireland and GB.

Anne is licensed to use a range of psychometric instruments with clients including Benchmarks and 360 by Design (360 feedback instruments), Firo B, MBTI Steps 1 and 2, the Change Style Indicator, the Conflict Dynamics Profile and the Californian Personality Inventory 360.

Sessions can typically last for 1-3 hours. They can be held at Anne’s premises in Belfast or in the coachee’s environment.

Coaching by telephone or Skype can also be effective and economical with time and energy if appropriate.

Session fees are agreed with clients at the contracting stage and use of any psychometric instrument is charged at cost.

Anne uses a range of personal, leadership and organisational development models and methods in her work with clients depending on the client contract and issues.

Testimonials (non attributed to protect client confidentiality)

“I have found my coaching experience with Anne to thoroughly liberating and has greatly assisted me in developing my potential.” CEO, Local Government

“I have worked with Anne over a number of years and have found her to be a challenging, insightful and supremely positive coach. She has excellent skills in all areas of motivation and in stretching individuals to reach their full potential. She is sharp, focussed on outcomes but with considerable interpersonal skills which translate into a very caring and productive process. I have worked with her personally and have found the process extremely worthwhile. I have also recommended her to a wide number of other individuals including members of my own teams “ CEO, Further Education

"I am relatively new to coaching but Anne's style has provided me with exactly the right balance to be able to identify solutions to issues arising from the insightful input from Anne." Director, NGO

“I have always found Anne's coaching style challenging yet afirming, empathetic yet objective, insightful and constructive. She combines warmth and professionalism. Anyone coached by Anne is very fortunate!” Public Health Consultant

“Anne is the type of coach who gets below the surface, understands what the client needs and genuinely cares that she helps the client to meet that need in a very pragmatic and positive way.” Director, Local Government.

"Anne McMurray is a motivated and inspiring individual who instils confidence in whom she coaches, whilst at the same time she is an excellent listener and is easily approachable." Fellow in Orthopaedics and Trauma.