The following are short examples of the most popular programmes we provide for clients. All of these can be adapted to suit the particular requirement of the individual organisation. For further information or to discuss your requirements please contact

Team for Change

This is designed to develop team performance and cohesion. We can use a variety of methods including team effectiveness assessment, Myers Briggs profiling, outdoor development activities and work related problem solving. The design is practical, future focussed and inclusive. Each event is as individual as the team we provide it for.

Fit and Focused: Leadership Energy and Resilience

Managing energy and increasing personal resilience are critical aptitudes for effective leaders.  This workshop uses the Myers Briggs Type Indicator “In the Grip” profile to help leaders identify what energises and stresses them, their particular triggers for “grip” reactions.  Each leader will be helped to identify the remedies and resources which work for them.  The approach provides participants with insight into how to improve their self management, as well as how to respond and support others who are experiencing demands which generate stress.

Coaching Skills Development Programme

Coaching on the job is one of the most effective staff development methods. This is aimed at managers who want to foster a coaching culture in their team. This will increase staff motivation and performance.  The programme is interactive and focused on practical skill development. It is based on the International Coach Federation competence framework.  Delivered by ICF accredited coaches, in association with Coaching Development.  The programme time can count towards professional training hours required for ICF accreditation.  The programme is 2 days, with additional follow up support as optional.

The Innovation Workshop

Want to develop new business, services or products? This half day workshop uses creative and innovative methods to generate ideas which can be converted into business or service solutions.  Road tested with organisations such as Invest NI, Belfast Health and Social Services Trust, BT, Belfast Enterprise Academy, Opportunity NOW and Positive Futures, this is a highly successful method of stimulating innovation which can be practically applied to add value and differentiate your products or services. 

Phoenix Leadership Development

The symbol of the Phoenix, and the themes of Destruction and Creation, connect with the work of leadership and innovation. From time to time leaders have to destroy old practices, culture and beliefs which lock the organisation in the past and prevent it from making progress. This is in order to make space to create new ways of doing things, introduce different approaches and revitalize the culture. This is for leaders who want to change the leadership culture in their organisation. It helps them to focus on developing the new aspects of leadership which are needed to deal with high levels of change, turbulence and uncertainty.  

Caught In Your Act  

Successful leaders evolve and their leadership style over time. They are able to adapt to new situations, relationships and challenges. They let go of the behaviours that no longer are effective and learn to use new ones.  This workshop will help you as a leader to become more versatile and powerful in your leadership style.  We use a range of methods to help participants explore their leadership “scripts”, to increase self awareness, and to develop new responses and behaviours which have a more positive impact with others.